Our Story

The Make a Future HR Portal is a joint project among the BC Public School Employers’ Association and BC School Superintendents Association. We aim to provide BC school districts actionable knowledge and timely information on current recruitment practices to help attract employees to BC school districts. Drawing from our team of experienced human resources professionals and knowledge of the needs of BC school districts, we’ve strategically developed and curated relevant HR content that will be useful to district HR staff at all levels.

The idea of the portal was borne from a recommendation made by the Minister’s Task Force on Immediate Recruitment and Retention Challenges with the aim of enhancing and promoting effective practices in recruitment and retention.

Make a Future was created in 2008 by the BC Public School Employers’ Association as a joint project among the BC Ministry of Education and the 60 boards of education. We provide recruitment and marketing services and technology to support BC’s public school districts, First Nations schools, BC-certified offshore schools, and Federation of Independent Schools’ member organizations.


Andrew Jang

Senor Manager, Strategic Talent Acquisition

Cheryl Edge

Bilingual Recruitment Manager

Victoria Krivtchoun

HR Assistant, Recruitment

Our Partners

Make a Future – Careers in BC Education created by BCPSEA, is operated as a joint venture between British Columbia’s 60 public boards of education, the BC Ministry of Education and the BC Public School Employers’ Association. The goal of Make a Future – Careers in BC Education is to innovate and advance K-12 public education employee recruitment and retention to ensure the right people in the right places at the right time. Makeafuture.ca is the official job board of BC’s public school districts, independent First Nations schools, and BC-certified offshore schools.

Public education is the second largest part of the public sector in B.C. The Ministry of Education provides leadership to the K-12 sector through policy development and legislation, system governance and the establishment of standards.

The Government of British Columbia has set a goal to make B.C. the best-educated, most literate jurisdiction on the continent, and the Ministry leads this initiative.

The Ministry achieves its goals through collaborative relationships with its partners. These partners include boards of education and independent school authorities, public libraries, community literacy organizations, First Nations representatives, and provincial ministries and agencies.

For more information please visit: www.gov.bc.ca/bced

Funding for this project has been made possible by a grant awarded to the BC School Superintendents Association (BCSSA) by the Minister’s Task Force. The BCSSA represents more than 250 members province-wide.

We believe that a dynamic and successful public education system is fundamental to a democratic society. We believe that our public education system in Canada must provide our children and youth with an inspiring foundation for lifelong learning and citizenship. We believe that leaders in public education should work together, and with others, to ensure that we have the very best public education possible.

We are an association with a passion for creating environments that nurture learning and achievement. We inspire, develop and support leadership in public education in British Columbia.

  • We provide a compelling leadership vision and a strategic and principled voice on issues affecting public education.
  • We advocate strongly for high quality public education that supports the children and families we serve.
  • We work strategically with others to strengthen public education and leadership.
  • We create dynamic learning opportunities for leadership development.