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Pro tips for making the most of a career fair

Last updated: November 30, 2018

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Pro tips for making the most of a career fair

Career fairs are a fantastic way to meet and connect with large numbers of potential candidates. They are an invaluable opportunity to share your enthusiasm for your district with potential new employees who can bring a positive energy to your district’s classrooms.

Follow these tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of attending a career fair:

  • Post your travel schedule online on your district’s website and social media profiles to highlight that you’re on the lookout for great teachers!
  • If possible, try to arrive the night before the fair and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Eat a hearty breakfast. There may not be a lot of time during the fair to eat, especially if you are working the booth alone.
  • If possible, connect with the volunteers at the event to see if they are able to run your booth while you take a break to eat.
  • Arrive with enough time to set up your booth and troubleshoot any technical problems that may arise.
  • Lay out the swag in an aesthetically pleasing way that makes it easy for the attendee to take the items. If possible, pre-package or bundle your swag before the fair to make giving them away easier.
  • If you have extra time, use it to network with other employers at the fair – you never know if they’ll come across someone they may send your way.
  • Bring hand sanitizer! You will be shaking a lot of hands so frequent hand cleaning is a must!
  • Stay hydrated! You will be doing a lot of talking. Drinking water will help ensure that you don’t lose your voice by the end of the day.
  • Make eye contact and smile! Don’t be afraid to call someone over to your booth.
  • Ask the attendees questions and let them talk first before you begin talking about your district and its opportunities.
  • On your email sign-up form, collect information on teachable grades and subject areas, graduation dates and French fluency.
  • Tweet or Facebook while at the fair to invite people to stop by.
  • Remember you’re selling your district as much as candidates are selling themselves!