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Fast-tracking the certification application process

Last updated: November 30, 2018

man fast tracking an application

Fast-tracking the certification application process

If you’ve offered a contract to a teacher who is not yet certified to teach in BC, they’ll need to apply to the BC Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB) for a certificate.

And if time is of the essence, you can ask the TRB to prioritize its review of your district’s teacher certificate applications.

There are a large number of requests for this service, so it may still take longer than expected. To make the request, sign in to the TRB’s Employers’ Area on their website, and submit your list under Priority Applications.

Here are a few things to note about this process:

  • You can only request prioritization for teachers for whom you have a contract on offer.
  • You may request one certificate or letter of permission prioritization per teacher.
  • When submitting the prioritization list to the TRB, order applicants’ names alphabetically by last name. Make sure to include each applicant’s TRB file number (e.g. L123456).
  • Requests are accepted once for the school year until October 31.
  • Applicants will be assigned for fast-tracked evaluation as soon as the TRB receives all the required documentation for the applicant file (e.g., the applicant’s official post-secondary transcripts, statement of professional standing, assessment forms, etc.).

Speed up the process by communicating with the applicants

The best thing you can to help speed up the application processing time is by asking applicants to:

  • Submit all required documentation to the TRB as soon as possible – they do not need to wait for the TRB to contact them.
  • Check their online status regularly (once a week) for updates to their status and see if any additional documentation is needed.
  • Avoid calling the TRB for status updates: Calls and emails requesting status updates slow the backlog in processing times – the status of the application is updated online as soon as the status changes.