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Cross-post to maximize exposure

Last updated: November 30, 2018

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Cross-posting is a simple strategy to create awareness of a job opening by advertising your job listing on multiple platforms and online sites. The more places you advertise your jobs, the more likely that qualified candidates will see your opportunities. And if they’re not convinced to apply on first sight, if they see the posting in multiple places, they may be motivated to take the next step and apply. reaches a large audience of educators in British Columbia, Canada and even internationally. To promote our brand and the jobs on our site, we regularly cross-post job openings across multiple social media platforms, online job boards, e-mail listservs and our recruitment portal.

Employers that want to reach a broad audience can mimic this approach to maximize the amount of exposure they get for a job. This can be an extremely effective strategy when recruiting difficult-to-fill positions or if your district is not as well known as larger urban districts.

How to effectively cross post your jobs

The easiest way to cross-post your jobs is to talk to us! Cross-posting is one of’s most popular services and it’s also free! Contact us for more details.

If you want to cross post your jobs on your own, the first step is to figure out where your potential job candidates hang out online. If you don’t know the answer to this, use Google Forms to send out a quick email poll to your recent hires and ask them how they found out about the job.

You can also gather this information through Make a Future’s online application system. Simply ask candidates to answer a pre-screening question before applying, and you can identify the most popular job board sites.

The second step is to use this information to choose the sites where you’ll advertise the job. Here’s an example of an advertising plan to recruit Speech Language Pathologists.

It’s good to track any costs associated with advertising on a site, as you may discover that some sites don’t generate many good leads. You can then decide to allocate your future advertising dollars elsewhere.

Cross-posting is a free service offered by Make a Future. Contact us to request an advertising plan.